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Rules and details for your free classified ads

Rates and Rules Writing Your Ads

Your ad may contain 5 images and a maximum of 100 characters for the title and 10000 characters for the text in each of the languages offered.
The publication of classified ads on is 100% FREE and unlimited.
Once written, your ad will be checked and validated by us to verify that it respects our rules.

Restrictions and Defined Penalties

Writing classified ads must respect the rules below and all ads will be subject to control by to be validated. This list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented if necessary by without this could lead to any compensation to the advertiser . It is for advertisers to check this list to ensure that the content of their ad is in accordance with the rules of writing. reserves the right to remove an ad if it determines that the ad is contrary to morality, it is likely its content offensive part of the population or it fails to comply with the legislation, although terms of the announcement are not included in the list below. seek the help of Internet users, whether advertiser, buyer or just a visitor to contact us through the contact form to report any ad that it considers not comply with our site and the ethics that we have set and which we could escape to remove this one as soon as possible if is not responsible for any problem with classified ads or users remains the sole decision-maker to withdraw an advertisement which it considers non-compliant with the rules set when dubious or simply to them, without entailing any compensation or damages to the advertiser.
Classified ads must comply with : privacy, morality and rules of morality, copyright, legislation, religion whatsoever and do not refer to the different human races. As you publish/confirm your ads, you automatically agree the rules of using our website.
  • Promoting (Selling, Renting, etc.) Real Estate that is distrained by official bureaus;
  • Promoting the non-valid and fake information about Real Estate;
  • Offers about mortgage credits by the individual suppliers (officially registered organizations are allowed);
  • Ads about prostitution and trafficking (even if they are mentioned indirectly);
  • Any other subjects or actions that are not mentioned above but are against the morality, ethics and Georgian body of low.
  • Doubled ads are not allowed.
  • Users are not allowed to have doubled accounts (more than one).
CAUTION: Moderation classifieds
All small advertisements are validated by us. Small ads commercial advertising or have redirects or similar communications are prohibited.
Classified ads whose content or subject matter is questionable or likely to offend some people will be systematically removed.
The seller shall submit one ad per item, in a single heading.
The announcement must be confined to a single subject unless it is identical items.

More services to increase your chances

We offer several options to help increase your chances.

VIP Classifieds

VIP ads are displayed at the top of each page. A maximum of 10 VIP ads are displayed on each page and are chosen at random.
We reserve the right to remove any classifieds in case of non-compliance with our rules. No refunds will be made.

Instant Validation

After any modification of your ad, it will not be visible to the public until our team checks and validates it. To skip this waiting time and to allow other users to view your ads immediately, you may select this service.
We reserve the right to remove any classifieds in case of non-compliance with our rules. No refunds will be made.

No banner

We rely on banners to keep our website accessible to everyone free of charge. We apologize if your page takes longer than usual to load. If you would like to avoid these banners and a faster display, you may select this service.

Universal calculation Unit - GancxCoin (GNX)

In order to be a VIP or activate other services, you first need to credit your account with GancxCoin (GNX).


Super VIPVIP PlusVIPshopInstant validationNo banner
14 days44GNX22GNX11GNX55GNX110GNX11GNX
21 days60GNX30GNX15GNX75GNX150GNX15GNX
30 days92GNX46GNX23GNX115GNX230GNX23GNX

Payment Methods


Fill in the form below or click on "Add credit" from "My account" page, then transfer the requested amount on the address that will be shown. Your account will be credited within 10 minutes following your payment. We currently accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Bitcoin : 1 GNX : 0.00000554BTC (1GEL)
BitcoinCash : 1 GNX : 0.00090825BCH (1GEL)
Litecoin : 1 GNX : 0.00478858LTC (1GEL)
Ethereum : 1 GNX : 0.000101843676067856ETH (1GEL)

Bank transfer

To fill you balance with Georgian national currency units (GEL) you can use direct bank transfers (currencies USD and EU can be converted to GEL) of your choice, and transfer the required amount to our bank account. Do not forget to specify the email address used to register on . To pay for the single ads directly, you can mention the reference of your ad across your email address (e.g., " GEO123456789").
1 GEL : 1GNX
Bank Details
Bank of Georgia
Code : BAGAGE22
Account : GE33BG0000000699600300/GEL


A VIP ad can also be paid for via SMS by sending your message to the number "93433". Please specify your email address and classified ID in your text.
E.g. If your email address is and ID GEO123456789, you must write in your text:
Each SMS will cost 2 gel. Your classified ad will be on the VIP page for 24 hours.
1 SMS : 1GNX